Editor’s Note: This post was written by Teen Arts Council (TAC) members John Deloatch and Gia Grier.

The Dedalus Foundation, which aims to improve society’s understanding of the work of the artist Robert Motherwell, will be the destination of the TRaC finale on Saturday, December 20, 2014! . Robert Motherwell was an artist who explored abstract and modern art through screen-printing, paintings, and collages. Motherwell’s collages were influenced  day-to-day life. Dedalus stores Motherwell’s archives, implements arts education programs, and spreads awareness about art. After his death in 1991, he left many of his artworks to the Dedalus Foundation and the Dedalus Foundation is determined to keep his art relevant.

When walking into the foundation’s space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, you’ll feel as if you’re walking into a  mob headquarters! The maze-like Industry City buildings house many rising organizations. Once you see a flag with the address “254” you can walk right up in and up one flight of stairs into the Dedalus space. This huge space, which is shaped like a donut, allows you to walk freely and enjoy the art it has to offer. The modern white walls make it easier to really focus on the art. You can even find a photo of Nelson Rockefeller (yes, that Rockefeller!) standing beside one of Motherwell’s paintings. Visitors can come and view all of the works related to Robert Motherwell.

The TRaC Finale will be a gathering where you can settle down and express who you are – artists! Join us at the TRaC finale to make your own collage inspired by your life, enjoy free snacks, listen to great music, paint along the walls of the Dedalus Foundation’s donut-shaped room, and mix and mingle with other TRaC-ers. Bring along your friends and family to celebrate the end of TRaC, explore the many wonders of the Dedalus Foundation, and learn about other ways to get involved at ArtsConnection. Saturday, December 20th from 1pm-4pm. See you then!

RSVP to hendrickk@artsconnection.org by Dec.17, 2014 with subject line “Fall Finale RSVP” with your name and number of guests.

TAC teens get a behind the scenes look at Robert Motherwell's artwork.

TAC teens get a behind the scenes look at Robert Motherwell’s artwork.