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Arts Partner: Mid-Manhattan Performing Arts Foundation (MMPAF)


For the last several years, Jason Roberts has performed an improvised live interpretation to many great silent films on16_17_Jason_Roberts_Accompanies_The_General the mammoth Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ at St. Bart’s.

This year Jason accompanies one of Buster Keaton’s great silent classics, “The General.” The film is inspired by the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862, and is an action-packed comedy adventure.

Over the past two years, Jason Roberts has improvised the organ accompaniment to St. Bart’s screenings of The Wind starring Lillian Gish and the Buster Keaton classic Steamboat Bill, Jr. St. Bart’s Associate Director of Music, Organist, and the Director of the Boy and Girl Choristers since 2014, Jason is a sought-after recitalist in the U.S. and an avid improviser.

Experience what the film would have been like for its first audiences in 1927!

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Event Location


325 Park Avenue, New York, New York, 10022, United States

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