March 8, 1923
Last week, I went to see God of Vengeance on Broadway. I was moved to tears!
Yes, the acting was incredible and the story was creative, but what struck me
more than anything were the characters. To see two women—Jewish women, at
that—fall in love on a Broadway stage in front of hundreds of people, to see the
actresses bear their souls and depict such a raw, pure romance…! I felt…
validated. Like I could find a place for myself in this world where people could
love me and accept me. I never thought that I could feel that way ever since
Mother and Father kicked me out. I am so proud of my heritage, but sometimes I
wish people didn’t take every little thing the Torah says so seriously! It’s not like
God wrote it, anyway. I just wish people could understand that just because I
love women the way I’m supposed to love men doesn’t mean I’m a monster. It
looks like that won’t be happening anytime soon, though; the whole cast of God of Vengeance
was arrested for obscenity yesterday.