Resources: Anti-Racism Work and Mental Health for POC


Mental Health Support 

10 Mental Health Organizations That Support People of Color 

The Love Land Foundation  – Grants for Free Therapy Sessions 

Free 24 Hour Hotline 

“Let’s Talk About It: A Graphic Guide to Mental Health” Free Download

Black Lives Matter Mental Health Resources 

Haitian Mental Health Network 

Well Williamsburg Therapy –  One free session that guides you through resource tapping (for POC) 

HealHaus – @healhaus on Instagram free offerings for healing, meditation, astrology workshops (focus on POC) 

Brown Girl Self Care – @browngirlselfcare on Instagram  

Daily Affirmations for POC  


Instagram Accounts 

Black Lives Matter – @Blklivesmatter on Instagram. 

The Grief Case – @Thegriefcase on Instagram. Specifically, a guide to supporting grieving black communities 

From Privilege to Progress – @Privtoprog on Instagram. Two women who created the #ShowUp movement. They filmed a video of two black men wrongfully arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks. They now use their platform to share resources and strategies on how to be an active ally. 

Color of Change – @ColorofChange on Instagram non-profit organization creating powerful campaigns to combat racial injustice towards the black community 

The Black School – experimental art school teaching art and radical Black history @theblackschool_on_instagram 

BlackVisions – @blackvisionscollective on Instagram art and activism 

Check your Privilege – @Checkyourprivilege on Instagram Specifically, check out the “Summer Skool Series” an IG Live story series focusing on anti-racism 


The Daily on the NYT and Spotify  

Pod Save the People 

Code Switch on NPR 


TED Talk/Youtube Videos 

An Interview with the Founders of Black Lives Matter 

How to financially help BLM movement with no money  

Let’s get to the root of racial injustice  

Not all superheros wear capes-how you have the power to change the world | Nova Reid | TEDxFrankfurt  



Help Save Summer Youth Programs 

Teens Take Charge 

Undocumented Immigrant Youth Justice Organization 



Reading Lists:  

NYT Anti-Racist Reading List 

Embrace Race Anti-Racist Reading List 

Black History Boot Camp 

Common Sense Media Book List