Arts-Making TRaC

Arts-Making TRaC

Amanda Guest, ArtsConnection
Open to NYC public High School Students in grades 9-12

Arts-Making TRaC Application is now closed. Stay tuned for Spring 2022!

Check out the Arts-Making TRaC 2021 Virtual Gallery:
Changing Systems

As you enter our inaugural presentation, we, the artists, ask you to consider not only changing the systems we chose to explore, but changing the way you view and experience the art.

This interactive space will guide you through the journey of our ensemble as we re-imagine our existence as artists in our new reality.


Arts-Making TRaC Program includes:

  • Work with teens and professional artists for 14 weeks
  • Choose the themes and stories you will tell collaboratively
  • Bring your artistic skills in any discipline
  • Industry professionals as guest speakers
  • Skill-building workshops in digital media and performance
  • Receive a stipend of $100 Blick gift card for materials
  • Receive a $140 stipend upon completion of program