Arts-Making TRaC

Film/Video | Music | Multi-Arts Poetry/Spoken Word | Theater


Are you passionate about art in any form and interested in creating art with other creative teens? This program is for you!

Arts-Making TRaC is a free after-school program that brings together NYC teens and professional artists to explore the art-making process in multiple art forms; including but not limited to visual arts, theater, and dance. Teens with an interest in any art form are encouraged to apply. Participants will receive a $100 Blick gift card for materials and a $140 stipend upon completion of the program.

Workshops meet twice a week, in person.


  • All interested 10-12 graders are encouraged to apply 
  • Ability to check your email for weekly schedule updates from Instructors/Program Manager 
  • Ability to travel to Midtown Manhattan for in-person sessions 

You will: 

  • Collaborate and connect with a group of NYC teens and professional artists Omar Perez and Tiffany Barrett
  • Learn about multiple art forms through conversation and art-making 
  • Choose the themes and art forms you will explore as a group 
  • Receive a $100 Blick gift card for materials 
  • Receive a $140 stipend upon completion of the program 

Check out the Arts-Making TRaC 2021 Virtual Gallery: Changing Systems