Flourish: Community and Companionship

This gallery presents Flourish: Community and Companionship, an exhibition of 52 artworks created by students in grades 6-12 from New York City public schools. Showcased are artworks that encapsulate the sentiment of solidarity and support, of coming together for the good of a community, forming new bonds and lifelong memories. 

Fake flowers no water needed

Rebecca A.

acrylic paint

Three yellow flowers

Mariel B.

acrylic paint


Agam B.

collage, pencil

Autumn walk

Aaliyah B.

acrylic paint

Love changes form

Sachet B.

watercolor, acrylic, marker


Cathy C.

water-based oil paint

As if for now

KaiYi C.

water-based oil paint


Lisa C.

Sharpie, pencil

Where you’ve been?

Steven C.

acrylic paint

Duality of Nature

Pauline D.

marker, pen


Amelia D.

acrylic paint


Nicolette D.

analog photography

Meet me in the Lobby

Melanie D.

graphic design

April showers bring baby flowers

Anjale D.

acrylic paint

self portrait

Johanna D.

digital photography

Pumpkin patch

Aida F.

oil on canvas

Zentangle meditation

Maria G.

watercolor, Sharpie

Square eyes

Nathaly G.


Weight on us

Ashley H.

colored pencil, charcoal pencil, pen


Carolina H.

digital photography

Summer memory

Jolie H.

colored pencil, white-out

Red among green

Wenxuan H.


Moving fromPlace to place

Reyazul I.

pen and ink

Love is in the Air

Mila K J.

mixed media

Rush to the train

Zawad K.



Rachel K.

acrylic on canvas

New Yorker

Harvey K.

digital photography


Zoe L.

colored pencil

An inescapable cycle

Mindy L.

pencil, oil pastel, paint

Step into brooklyn

Tiffany Li.

paint on canvas


Kelly L.

watercolor pencil, sharpie pen, colored pencil

The rat that flourishes

Jonathan L.

acrylic on canvas

Mother Blue Jay

Wan Qiong M.

acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil


Stephanie M.

colored pencil, pen


Karla N.

colored pencil, marker

Simplicity in Times square

Michael N.

oil on canvas


Celeste N.

colored pencil, marker

Photo in Photo

Stephen O.

digital photography


Alexandra O.

mixed media

In your Arms

Raven O.

watercolor, pen, glitter

Blooming, or The View

Vanessa P.

acrylic paint

The present vs the past

Esmeralda P.



Merima R.

acrylic paint, collage

Family Tree

Kaiya R.

cut paper, mixed media

High School

Beatrice R.

brush pen


Jaiel R.

pencil, micron, liner pen, marker

Time of Grandeur

Kaitlin T.

watercolor, gouache


Karen X.

mixed media

My Friend Eric

Jessica Y.

graphite on paper

Whole World in your Hands

Jada Y.

prismacolor pencil


Rano Y.

colored pencil

The Bridge

Iuliia Z.

pencil, watercolor

A Hike to the Snow Cabin

BoTe Z.

digital photography