Flourish: Life and Color

This gallery presents Flourish: Life and Color, an exhibition of 60 artworks created by students in grades 6-12 from New York City public schools. Showcased are artworks that use vibrant colors to show how dynamic life can be, whether the beginning stages of life or stages of accomplishment and reflection.

Motherland Truth

Victoria A.

cut paper, watercolor


Olachi A.

watercolor on paper

Subway Ride

Sandy A.

acrylic paint

Diversitas et Incrementum

Gabriella A.

pen, colored pencil, Sharpie


Emma B.


Color and Flowers

Jenna B.

colored pencil on paper

Emerging Water Lilies

Mariany B.

acrylic paint

Take Me Home

Lilianna C.

watercolor, marker, pencil

Fly High

Emily C.

pencil, pen, charcoal


Xingling C.

collage on paper

Pastel Tree Drawing

Aissatou D.

pastel, acrylic paint

Paintbrush City

Christopher D.

watercolor pencil

Three Water Lilies in a Pond

Shade F.

acrylic on canvas

The Depth of Perception

Rown F.

digital photography


Rachel F.

colored pencil, chalk pastel

The Dragon

Mina G.

marker, ink pen


Sophia G.

acrylic on canvas

Plants vs. House

Christy G.

oil on canvas

Simplicity in Seen Complexity

Mariam H.


Mix Collage

Carmen H.

mixed media

Winter Wilderness

Zahid H.

pencil, acrylic paint


Raiyan I.


My Life; as Shown by my Possessions

Anastasia J.

acrylic on wood

The Architecture of Bach

Nicholas J.

alcohol-based markers, gold leaf

Peaceful Mountain View

Kushmeet K

acrylic paint

Visions of Nature

Svetlana K.


Golden Fish

Diana K.

colored pencil, watercolor

Lotus Pond

Joyce K.

watercolor, Sharpie

The Farm at Dusk

Nia L.

marker, colored pencil


Chu Yi L.

oil on canvas

Mother Earth

Sophia L.

pencil, colored pencil

Reliving Nature

Daisy L.

acrylic on canvas

Forgotten Worshippers

Bao L.

oil on canvas


Ifra M.

collage, digital photography

Nature’s Beauty

Yeiliris M.

acrylic paint


Raymond M.

acrylic paint


Magaly M.

digital photography

Summer Artist, Georgia O’Keeffe

Linet M.

acrylic, tempera


Shantelle M.

acrylic, pen

Rayleigh Scattering and Faint Wisteria

Jessica N.

oil on canvas

Springtime Envy

Afsana O.

watercolor, acrylic, pen

Harvest of Dionysus

Angelia O.

watercolor, collage, pencil

The Vitality of Carrots

Jason P.

Sharpie, crayon, collage

Geometric Abstraction 

Julian R.

mixed media

Plan A

Naimur R

pencil, marker

Nature’s Beauty

Ashley R.

acrylic paint


Analeah R.

colored pencil

Pastel Tree Drawing

Franllelis R.

pastel, acrylic paint

A Thriving Land

Victoria S.

acrylic paint

Under the Trees 

Andrew S.

colored pencil

True Color

Bydisasky S.


Living Under Death 

Alicja S.

linoleum relief print

Be Free

Tanjina S.

colored pencil, marker


Nafisa T.

digital artwork

Sleeping Beauty

Doralissa V.

mixed media


Paola V.

ink, paint


Alice W.

oil on canvas


Sharon Y.

paint, pencil

Summer in Prospect Park

Jia Qi Z.


Colorful Bird and Blossom Flowers

Bo Te Z.

colored pencil, pen