Flourish: Ok On My Own

This gallery presents Flourish: Ok on My Own, an exhibition of 40 artworks created by students in grades 6-12 from New York City public schools. Showcased are artworks that encapsulate the idea of a state of ease within solitude; not being lonely but instead that there is something comforting about being alone with one’s thoughts.

If Only Ideas were like Tissues

Shayera A.

colored pencil

Out of this World

Mehrangiz B.

acrylic paint

Pink in the Night

Juan Diego B.

acrylic paint


Jenna B.

charcoal on paper

Keep Calm

Nadeire B.


Self Portrait Inspired by Delacroix

Nicole B.

acrylic paint


Diana C.


The Roarin’ 20s

Jaime C.

mixed media


Anthony C.

watercolor, pen, marker


Lailanee D.


The Purpose of Prosperity

Nya E.

oil pastel on paper

Spa Day

Zitaly F.

embroidery, watercolor, acrylic


Aida F.

oil on canvas

Color Cube 

Ava H.

watercolor pencil


Shaniya J.



Jiawen J.

collage on paper

I Grow I Aspire

Svetlana K.

pencil, marker

Old Times

Jennifer K.

digital photography

Release the Beauty from Within

Nilka L.

paint, pencil


YouXiang L.


sour Face

Bao L.

sour face

Me and my Effort

Kael M.

acrylic paint on canvas

A Flame of Hope

Natalie N.

watercolor pencil

I Bloom

Jessica P.

watercolor pencil

Do Not Touch

Tara R.

digital photography

Do Not Touch

Tara R.

digital photography

Do Not Touch

Tara R.

digital photography

Untitled Room, Pink

Jennifer R.

digital artwork


Nicholas S.

digital artwork

Blossoming Into a Frog

Alice S.

paint, collage

The Sunset

Lalia S.

oil pastel

A Girl of Many Layers

Jonah S.


Geometric Face

Nafisa T.

digital art

Pink Sofa

Kate T.

pink sofa

Comical Cheese Party

Arriel T.

mixed media

Misterios del Mundo

Roberto T.

watercolor paint, colored pencil


Cody W.

mixed media

Sakura Season

YuQing Y.

pencil, marker

Self Portrait

Veronica Z.

graphite on paper