Flourish: Strength and Power

This gallery presents Flourish: Strength and Power, an exhibition of 52 artworks created by students in grades 6-12 from New York City public schools. Showcased are artworks that remind us that no matter what, we keep moving forward, breaking through obstacles, and growing.


Andre B.

colored pencil on paper


Ishwari B.

charcoal on canvas

Phases of Life

Joy C.

acrylic on canvas

brighter day

KaiYi C.

acrylic paint

Sunsets are Paradise; this is Hell

Ryma C.

colored pencil on paper


Paul D.

acrylic paint, oil pastel

Winter Walk

Estefani F.

watercolor paint, pencil

Myself as a Tree Stump

Aminah G.

micron pen

Self Reflection

Natalie G.

pencil, colored pencil

I Am Flourishing

Yewry G.


Haut Officier

Kimberly H.

mixed media, markers

The Birds and the bees

Nilah I.

acrylic paint

6 o’clock

Salomee K.

acrylic on paper


Chevalier L.

pencil, paint, prismacolor

City Set

Chu Yi L.


Tokyo Views

Kate L.

colored pencil


Coco L.

oil paint

Glaring Mustang

Daisy L.

acrylic on canvas

A Queen

Bao L.

oil on canvas

Facing the Colors

Cindy M.

tempera paint

Kaus Subway

David M.

pencil, colored pencil

Our Family

Daisy N.


Sins of Blood

Alex P.

mixed media

Flipping Through

Amelia P.

analog photography

Celebration of Life

Bhajwattie P.

watercolor on paper

The City Stream Boat

Jason R.

mixed media

Colorful Secrets

Alessandra R.

acrylic paint, white ink

A Lifetime (objects from everyday life)

Coralis R.

concentrated watercolor

A Burning Soul

Saul R.

archival ink, watercolor

Dande Lion

Destiny R.

mixed media

Searching For Truth


mixed media

The jump

Joshua S.

digital photography

Reaching for the Light

Victoria S.

mixed media

A Simple Still Life

Jessica S.


Coretta Scott King

Anna S.

colored pencil


Alexa S.

acrylic paint

Something for your mid

Jana S.

mixed media

Give me Space

Icyss S.

digital photography


Nya W.

paint on paper


Jiahe W.

digital photography

Self Portrait

Rey W.

graphite on paper

Floating Bloom

Henry X.

acrylic paint

Early Bright Spring

Leor Z.

gouache, collage