Art in the Anthropocene

Art in the Anthropocene

Young Artists’ Expression in the Age of Human Interference

Climate justice, the theme of this exhibition, is about the effects of humans on the environment and the people who are mobilized to act against these effects, which will take a toll on people all over the world in varying ways, especially those most vulnerable.  In this exhibition, we explore climate justice through the perspectives of young artists who are using their talents to express their concerns over the most prevalent issue of their time, manifesting the meaning of this phrase in many ways.

As curators, we thought about how the themes within the artworks taught us new things about the climate crisis and personally resonated with us as teens sharing similar experiences. While the themes in each artists’ works are unique and representative of their own perspectives, we were able to categorize them into three main groups: “Effects on People”, “Effects on Nature (Animals and Plants),” and “A Call to Action”. 

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Effects on People


acrylic paint and newspaper on canvas

Brianna B.

New World Order

acrylic paint on canvas

Tasnia H.


oil, salt, and ink on canvas

Ruby K.

Food Waste

oil paint on canvas

Lucia M.

Around the World

digital collage

Jhomar P.

Breaking Congress

watercolor on paper

Leor Z.

Effects of Nature (Animals and Plants)

Nature Screams

pen on paper

Huiwen C.

Pellucid Bird

digital photography

Daniel G.

Through Our Eyes


Monsserat G.

Deserted Chairs

oil paint on cardboard

Olivia K.

Croaky in the Jungle

linoleum relief print

Bao L.

Brother Can You Spare a Planet?

graphite on paper

Julian R.


mixed media

Cyril U.

A Call to Action

Justice for All


Nathaly A.

The Past in the Future

film photography

Colette B.

Time for Change

digital collage

Gracerose R.

Curatorial Team: Nancy Canongo, Jin Coggins, Cece Hori, Tayla Karmen-Chan, Charlotte Lang, Farideh Sanandaji

Instructor: Nate Sensel

In partnership with

Dedalus Foundation