Simplicity in Complexity X

This gallery presents Simplicity in Complexity X, which displays 50 artworks made by students from various New York City public schools. In this exhibition, students designed works of art that challenged their creative ideas and perspectives.

Ocheton Jibon

Muscricul A.

oil pastel on paper


Emma B.


What Does the Future Hold?

Velina B.

oil pastel on paper

Geometric Parrot

Danny C.

digital print

Artistic Dynamic of the Wolf

Emily C.

charcoal and pen ink on paper

Butterfly on Clock

Gillian C.

watercolor and pen liner on paper


Michelle C.

color pencil on paper


Emma C.

digital photography

The Chug

Matilda C.

digital photography


Amanda D.

watercolor and sharpie on paper

Relaxing Day

Monica F.

acrylic paint on canvas

A Walk on the Pier

Christy G.

acrylic paint on canvas


Ashley H.

mixed media on paper

City View

Cece H.

graphite on paper

Even Memories Can Be Art

Jennifer L.

mixed media on paper

A Turtle’s Motif

Mindy L.

graphite and pen on paper


Joanna L.

gouache and watercolor on paper


Shukun L.

acrylic paint on canvas

The Tiger

Eugene L.

acrylic paint and watercolor on paper

Don’t Judge a Book By it’s Cover

Callie L.

analog photography

The Capture

Bao L.

oil paint on canvas

Pocket of Peace

Shivana M.

charcoal on paper

4 Points

Raymond M.

acrylic paint and charcoal on paper

The Past Presents the Future

Emma M.

digital media

Big Ben

Leonardo M.

colored pencil and graphite on paper

A Girl in Blue

Sitorabonu N.

acrylic paint and embroidery on fabric

Mercury Retrogade

Maya N.

acrylic paint on canvas

Habitat in the Trees

Dowon P.

acrylic paint on canvas

Cycle of Life

Bhajwattie P.

watercolor on paper


Daynna L.

digital photography

Desert Harmony

Julian R.

mixed media on paper


Merima R.

collage canvas board

The Beauty of Decay

Erick R.

mixed media on paper

Two Friends

Ariel R.

collage on paper


Samantha R.

gouche on paper

Patterned Predator

Valerie R.

acrylic paint and pen on paper

Unfathomable Time

Mauro R.

marker on paper

Misty Copeland

Evelyn S.

colored pencil on paper

The Beauty of My Culture

Ishmal S.

mixed media on paper

Backlit Grapefruit

Andrew S.

colored pencil on paper

Fuzzy Peach

Andrew C.

colored pencil on paper

Lazy Day

Natalia S.

watercolor and ink on paper

My New York City

Neila T.

acrylic paint and markers on paper


Kate T.

tempera paint on paper

Simple Bees

Anna T.

graphite on paper

Up and Away

Wendy V.

chalk pastel pencil on paper


Samirah V.

oil pastel on paper

Dynamic Fall

LeYi Z.

flow choi on canvas board