Simplicity In Complexity XII

This gallery presents Simplicity in Complexity XII, which displays 51 artworks made by students from various New York City public schools. In this exhibition, students designed works of art that challenged their creative ideas and perspectives.


Ava A.

watercolor on paper


Joel A.

pen on paper

Nature’s Essence

Chisomebi A.

watercolor, ink, marker

Apple and Roses

Jaden B.

acrylic, colored pencil on mixed media paper

Octopus study

Carlos B.

watercolor and gouache on paper

Crystal Cathedral

Hezekiah B.

white gel pen on black paper

Life Shop

Anyi C.

watercolor, ink on paper


Brenda C.

mixed media on paper


Emily C.

paint on canvas

Eye of the Tiger

Vicky C.

pencil, colored pencil on paper


Tessa C.


Searching For A Composition

Tanner C.

colored pencil on paper

Nature Notan design

Xaria D.

white and black construction paper

Symoblization of a Golden Retriever

Daleidy E.

tempera paint

An Orphic Meal

Manal E.

watercolor on paper

Be The Change

Zoe F.

film photography

Steps Into a New Experience

Monica F.

watercolor, acrylic, matboard

Fast Arc

Felix H.

colored pencil on paper

The Outlier

Kayla H.

acrylic on canvas

Have a Nice Day 🙂

Chloe H.

acrylic on canvas

North Korea Through the Binoculars

Keira H.

mixed media

Lone Night

Zoey L.

acrylic on canvas

Cyclone of the Mind

Chloe L.

il pastel on mixed media paper


Xinluo (Daisy) L.

colored pencil on paper

Flower Vase

Xinluo (Daisy) L.

oil on canvas

Mayan temple

Mario L.

acrylic on canvas


Uma M.

mixed media on paper

My True Colors

Nyasia M.

colored pencil on paper


Melanie M.

watercolor, colored pencil on paper


Anais O.

pencil on paper

Feelings of Feelings

Yandra O.

watercolor on paper

A Jackalope’s Jungle

Beatrix P.

ink on paper


Stephanie P.

chalk pastel pencil on paper

Last Time on Center Stage

Diana P.

marker, pencil on paper


Yu (Verdandi) Q.

darkroom photography, fiber-based paper

The Red Coat

Julian R.

watercolor on paper


Kirsty R.

paint on paper

“Find X”

Nicole R.

mixed media


Jose R.

mixed media

Rolling Waves and Soaring Skies

Coumba S.

acrylic on canvas board

Productivity Requires Consistency

Alicia S.


Duck in a Cup

Emily S.

graphite on paper

Bridge of Obstacles

Reboti S.

watercolor on paper

City Scape Painting

Rachel T.

gouache on paper


Lisa T.


Bubbles Backpack

Pimpvda (Pearl) T.

pencil on paper

What’s it like being you?

Ana Yu W.



Myckie W.

mixed media

Twisted Pipes

Sebastian W.

ink, colored pencil on paper

The Tranquil Bear

Alex W.

paper collage

Of Age, of Time

Eshal Y.

digital photography