Viewpoints, Stories and Connections V

This gallery presents Viewpoints, Stories, and Connections V, an exhibition which displays 12 works by students from various New York City public schools. As a response to the exhibition theme, students created visual wonders, displaying their unique perspectives on societal standards and personal experiences.


Emma B.

digital art


Nicole B.

watercolor and collage on paper


Lucy D.

digital photography

Sunset In Winter

Olivia G.

acrylic paint on canvas board


Martina G.

graphite on paper

Fateful Encounter

Jada H.

oil paint on canvas


Georgia K.

watercolor, crow quill, ink on paper


Lucia M.

graphite on paper

Africa Scene

Emerson M.

mixed media on canvas

The Last Balloon

Joseph N.

mixed media on canvas

O’ Nation My Nation

Imani S.

white charcoal and tempera paint on canvas

Kept Captive

Deon W.

oil paint on canvas