Viewpoints, Stories and Connections VI

This gallery presents Viewpoints, Stories, and Connections VI, an exhibition which displays 12 works by students from various New York City public schools. As a response to the exhibition theme, students created visual wonders, displaying their unique perspectives on societal standards and personal experiences.

Behind The Face

Laila B.


Perfect Cracks in Paint

Nicole B.

oil on canvas

The City in the Clouds

Christian C.

acrylic paint and watercolor on paper

Snow in New York City

Jamil T.

digital photography

Self Portrait 

Ashley L.

graphite on paper

Street Corner

Stefen L.

colored pencil and watercolor on paper

Sky Gods

Bao L.

reduction print

Harmony Between Two Names

Yingwei (Sally) L.

mixed media

Twist on Serenity

Bhajwattie P.

acrylic paint on canvas

High School Sweetheart

Olivia W.

charcoal pencil on paper

Here Today 

Soojin Y.

digital collage

The Encounter

Min Z.

colored pencil