What About Us?

What About Us? is a teen-curated exhibition of artworks by NYC students focusing on the perspective of teen artists on controversial issues such as mental health, race, gender, sexuality, and personal identities. For this exhibition, we are displaying pieces of work made by artists with much insight and connection to the theme, “What About Us?”  Whether it is direct images of student protests or abstract representations of questioning identity, they portray their message with boldness. The theme calls attention to people we may not notice, or even ignore. It’s important to give a voice to marginalized groups and underrepresented people, which is one of the many purposes of this exhibition.


Nabeeha A.

acrylic paint and collage on canvas

The Rise of Feminism 

Emily C.

collage on canvas

Red for Good Fortune

Renee C.

collage on canvas

It Gets Better

Sarah C.

acrylic paint on canvas

Never Again

Michaela C.


Golden Dreams

Jada H.

colored pencil on paper


Natasha H.

graphite on paper

Teen Spirit

Joline J.

ink on paper

Jumping into Puddles

Martyna K.

mixed media

Reading- A Magical Souce of Inspiration

Naushin K.

colored pencil on paper


Aryaana Khan

video (screenshot)

How Many More?

Scarline Martinez



Linet M.

collage on paper


Kirin M.

oil paint on canvas

The Answer

Laurentino P.

college on paper

The Revolution

Tracey R.

acrylic paint on paper

What About Us?

Sabrina R.

colored pencil on paper


Irham S.

digital print on paper

We Depend on You

Nicole Smith

watercolor on paper


Ajani S.

oil paint on paper

Personal Objects (detail)

Students of International HS, Prospect Heights

mixed media

The Hustle: Life of Subway Performers

Students of The Maysles Documentary Center


Moon in the Night (detail)

Students of Westchester Square Academy

monoprint and ink on paper

Three Colors

Kujege T.

acrylic paint on canvas board

Embroidery of Grandpa

Jessie Zou

embroidery on stretched fabric