in more ways than one

in more ways than one

in more ways than one is a teen-curated exhibition of artworks by NYC students focusing on the multiple dimensions of gun violence and its effects on different communities and individuals across the country and world. Gun violence has been normalized by our media and current events through film/television, news stories, and social networks. In our exhibition, gun violence is expressed through art that examines a variety of viewpoints and perspectives on the subject, ranging from reflections by those who have experienced personal loss through gun violence, explorations of the implications on mental health, and pieces re-imagining a world free from this epidemic.


Mary A.

mixed media on board

Soul with No Choice

Bryan A.


The Strong Women of Bangladesh

Amena B.

pencil on paper

Posing is Like Shooting

Steven C.

pencil and marker on paper


Melody C.

markers and acrylic on paper

Peace and Rose

Nick C.

installation: mixed media

An American Nightmare

Jiaxing Natalia D.

video (screenshot)


Skyler D.

mixed media on board

Don’t Kill Our Soldiers

Troy D.

acrylic on bristol board

It’s Just Candy

Joelyn F.

acrylic on canvas board

Childhood Loss

Lauren F.

acrylic on canvas board

The Fading of the Innocence 

Rowan F.

acrylic on canvas board

Who Am I?

Eleanor G.

intaglio print on paper

KILLS More Than Your SOUL

Nathaly G.

acrylic on canvas board


Deyana H.

mixed media on paper

The Hurt Chimpanzee

Martyna K.

fired clay, glaze, wire

Cause and Effect of a Crimson Calamity 

Danteus L.

mixed media on paper

One Flower of Hope 

Ariella L.

acrylic on canvas board


Bao L.

gouache on paper


Matthew M.

 pen and ink on paper

Young Minds

Ana M.

pen and ink on paper

“Look Boy!”

Kaila M.

acrylic on canvas board


Coralis R.

mixed media on paper

Tristeza del Ojo

Justelle R.

acrylic on canvas board

The Power of Love

Andrii S.

sharpie pen on paper

Hold the Pain

Ayman S.

digital photography

Gun Violence

Eliora S.

digital photography


Students of Maysles Documentary Center

video (screenshot)

Gun Violence (detail 1)

Kiana T.

photography,  1 of 10 photographs

Kept Creative 

Deon W.

ink on paper

Whom to Blame?

Ziyi Zhou

sculpture, mixed media