It’s OK to Be Broken

Everyone has their own experienced their own struggles with Mental Health. Despite the surge in discussion about the subject, its unique impact on the lives of teens remains untold. We aspire to destigmatize and unveil the broad range of perspectives on this tabooed topic through a glimpse into the personal daily experiences of teen artists in New York City. This gallery features 34 artworks created and curated by NYC public high school students. Please click on each image to enlarge and drop down for more information.



Behind The Mask

Abdulla A.

gouache on paper

Confusion of Shapes

Hezekiah B.

oil on canvas


Ryan C.

sharpie on paper


Zhexi C.

digital printout

Over End

Jaylene C.

acrylic on board

Blooming Emotions

Jaylene C.

watercolor on paper

Self Portrait

Zoe F.

paint on board

TImes of the season -my hopes and copes

Jade F.

colored pencil, marker on paper


Ruth G.

paint on canvas

Hold Me Back

Brandon G.

digital artwork

Zeal Pink Ambuscade

Andonios G.

oil on canvas


Gabriela (Gibby) G.



Kaylem H.

paint, wool on canvas

They are more than this picture

Anakeesta I.

gouache on paper

Judgement Mirror

Christina J.

gouache, marker on paper

Men and a Fish

Wiktoria K.

oil on canvas

Life through a screen

Victoria K.

pencil, marker on paper


Angela L.

watercolor, pencil on paper


Alexandra L.

ink on paper

Don’t Burn Your Beauty

Jadeyn M.

ink on paper

Inside My Head

Malaika M.

pencil, marker on paper

Blossomed Heart

Samantha N.

ink on paper

All Body Also Matter

Elainy O.

mixed media

Pieces of You

Sebastian O.

mixed media

“My” little universe

Chantell P.

mixed media

La vide de Lex

Alexa R.

pencil, marker on paper

Overcoming addiction

Brianna R.

Sharpie on paper

Love has no gender

Melissa S.

sharpie on paper


Prosenjit S.

ballpoint pen on paper

Mind in the Months 

Selma S.

pencil, marker on paper

Colorful Hopes

Marianna S.

pencil, marker on paper


Claudine S.

chalk pastel on paper

My Bathroom Is Prettier Rose Colored Lenses

Paola V.

oil on canvas

Black Lives Matter

Ruier W.

pencil on paper