OnTRaC: College and Career Readiness

Bridget Johnson, Program Manager

Open to 10th-12th graders

ArtsConnection Teen Programs Participants are encouraged to apply.  

Create your path to a career in the arts. 

OnTRaC is a free after school program where teens learn how to prepare themselves for a career in the arts. Teens meet once a week to learn about the application process and develop their skills in leadership for future opportunities. Teens who successfully complete the program receive a $140 stipend. 

The program includes: 

  • Navigating the College process through workshops on Components of the College Application, Writing Strong Applications and Financial Aid. 
  • A tour of what an arts program at a local college has to offer, gain insight on the best practices for applying to arts programs after high school. 
  • Two excursions with companies focused on the arts to learn about different career opportunities and options. 
  • Bond with a mentor who works in the can helps you apply for colleges and internships.