Student Art Program

Student Art Program

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The Student Art Program is an ongoing exhibition program with eight exhibition opportunities a year for NYC public school students in 6th-12th grade to showcase your artwork. The Student Art Program sends open calls for thematic exhibitions that are curated, framed and installed in the offices of corporate partners. Each exhibition begins with an opening reception, where each artist receives an award and can meet fellow NYC artists.



Exhibited works and event pics are on display in Exhibitions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can apply to the Student Art Program?

If you are a student at a New York City Public School in grades 6 through 12, you are welcome to apply.

How do I get involved in the Student Art Program?

ArtsConnection contacts teachers about the Student Art Program. We have an email list of over 100 art teachers. If you would like to send us artworks for exhibition, please ask your teacher for more information on submission guidelines and applications. If your teacher does not know about the Student Art Program and you are interested, please contact us directly.

I found out too late and missed the deadline. When can I apply again?

We send out a call for art about 3 times a year. The best way to hear about deadlines and other opportunities is to send us an email so we can put your name on our mailing list. Also we always list Calls for Art on our website.


Can I submit my work more than once? Can I submit to one artwork to multiple exhibitions?

You can apply to as many exhibitions as you want. You can also submit the same piece to more than one exhibition if you think it fits with the different themes (indicate this on your application form by checking each box for an exhibition.)

What kind of themes do the exhibitions have?               

Examples of some recent themes are “Simplicity in Complexity”, “To a Great Mind Nothing is Little,” and “Worlds Near and Far”.

Do I need to approach these themes literally or can I interpret them creatively?

You may interpret these themes in any way you want and in any style or medium – drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, collage etc. Our only requirement is that your art is no bigger than 36”x46” and is able to be framed (not free-standing sculpture).

Do I need to be an exceptional artist to apply?

No! We love to see your work no matter what skill level or experience you have. We focus more on your unique interpretation of the themes.

Why is the artist statement important?

The statement helps the selection committee understand what you were thinking about when you made the work. Selection committees really enjoy learning about what inspired the work or what the artist’s vision was. The artist statement is required, and only artworks with artist statements will be considered. The artwork will be labelled with your name, school, and your statement when it is installed.


What is the selection process? Who decides what work gets selected?

The companies that host the exhibitions are the ones that select the artwork. Sometimes the selection committee is 2 people, like the founders of the company, and sometimes it is the entire office looking through all the artwork submitted. Here’s a short list of things taken into consideration when selecting the work:

1) How an artwork responds to the theme- both visually and in the written description

2) Each selection committee makes an effort to choose a wide variety or work, and try to have a diverse selection of different mediums, styles, schools, and ages represented

3) How the artist developed their idea in the work- this can be technique or choice of medium

4) How the artwork speaks to the selection committee – they spend long working days at the office and they choose works that they will enjoy hanging above their desk or around the office for a whole year. This doesn’t mean your art has to look a certain way, just make it unique and true to your artistic vision!


How will I be notified if my artwork is chosen?

If your artwork is chosen, we will send your teacher an email so that they can let you know. We will also send you a letter of congratulations to the address you provided on the application form.

If I need my original artwork for my portfolio, can I still exhibit?

We photograph all artwork before it is framed and are happy to send you an image for your portfolio. All exhibitions are at least one year, so if you need the physical artwork for any reason, you should consider submitting a different piece.

How do I attend the opening reception?

We will send you a “save the date” and then a printed invitation. The opening receptions are usually private events in the host company’s offices for artists and their guests.

What is the reception like?                                                                       

It’s an event hosted by the office where the art is being shown! We are celebrating you and your achievements! The food usually gets rave reviews.  Artists come with one or two guests, teachers and representatives from ArtsConnection to the host site of the exhibition. There is a welcoming spread of food and drinks and artists receive their gift cards and award certificates. You get to see your work framed and installed in a group show of artwork made by NYC teens and you meet other artists.


How and when will artwork be returned back to me?

At the end of the exhibition, which normally last one full year, we pack and send your artwork to you, either at your school or at your home if you have recently graduated.

Please let us know if your home address has changed during the year. Before sending any work to home addresses we check by emailing and calling. If we cannot reach you, we store the art at ArtsConnection.

How will I be notified about future exhibition opportunities?

We always post “Calls for Art” on our website, send emails to teachers, reach out at School Fairs and if you sign up for our mailing list, you’ll receive an email every time there is an open call or any other opportunities!


I love the exhibition opportunity and I want to explore more about the arts. Does ArtsConnection have other teen programs?

Yes! We encourage you to find out about High5 Tickets to the Arts, Pizza and a Movie, Teen Reviewers and Critics, Art2Art, Teen Advisory Council and our Teen Programs Internships. Explore the teen website to find out more.

How can I contact you?

Amanda Guest, Student Art Program Manager:
Katharine Ryals, Student Art Program Assistant:

Thanks to Fall 2013 intern Grace Wong for compiling the FAQs.