Simplicity in Complexity XI

This gallery presents Simplicity in Complexity XI, which displays 50 artworks made by students from various New York City public schools. In this exhibition, students designed works of art that challenged their creative ideas and perspectives.


Nadia A.

colored pencil on paper

Simple Reality, Complex mind

Gianna A.

mixed media

Identity Through Objects

Josseline A.

acrylic paint

Persevering Through Time

Joel A.S.

pen, pencil.

The New Outlook

Joel A.S.

digital photography


Taajwar Saleem B.

acrylic on canvas

Heart of Music

Taija C.

sharpie, pen

Within the Woods

Joselyn C.

ink, graphite, colored pencil

Citrus X Sinensis

Ella C.

acrylic on canvas

Road to Present

Gini C.

acrylic on canvas

El Anochecer

Jarolin Jeliz D.


Adjusting the Damage

Kayla D.

colored pencil, ink

My Own

Zoë F.

colored pencil on paper

Margie the Turtle

Avni G.

graphite pencil

Verde Esperanza

Estela G.

mixed media

Firey Premonition

Brandon G.

pastels, copic markers, pencil


Basma H.

watercolor, markers,colored pencil

Bliss, 2021

Kenny H.

acrylic on canvas

Glass Table Still Life

Veronica A.

watercolor, pencil


Kristina L.


Calm in the Chaos

Sophia L.


A Deceiving Fiend

Angela L.

Charcoal pencil

Unfolding Humanity

Isabel L.

pen, colored pencil on paper

Lego Mind

Damaris L.

pencil, color pencil, legos on cardboard

The Impact of Words

Vitoria L.

watercolor on paper


Ryan M.

pen and ink


Shyann M.

digital photography

Secrets of the Universe

Natalie N.

oil on thin canvas

The Clock of Life

Angelia O.

acrylic paint, pen, pencil

A Quiet Evening on the Lake

Leo P.

acrylic on canvas board

Subway Reflection

Jay P.

digital photography


Sophia P.

mixed media

Table and Glass

Julian R.


Distress in Disguise

Lila R.

acrylic paint, color pencils on paper

Kitty Complex

Daniela R.

magazine paper, glue, white gel pen


Tyler R.


In The Clouds

John R.


Naturally Me

Gracerose R.

yarn, color pencil, and pastels


Sierra R.

color pencils, pencil on paper

New beginning

Erika S.

acrylic paint, pencil, color pencils

Wine Glass

William S.

oil pastel on construction paper

Halley’s Comet

Ali S.

micron pen, pencil

The Doughnut

Beatrice S.

pencil, colored pencil, pen

A Great Sea of Humanity

Graham T.

oil on canvas

All About Me

Lobsang T.

markers, paint markers on paper

City Sunset

Lucia T.

acrylic on canvas

The Gate

Johnson W.


Break the Border

Jolin Z.

oil pastel, graphite, tempera paint on paper.

¿The Simple New York?

Daniel J.

Sharpie, Rollerball, white gel pen on paper

The Girl On The Swing

Damani M.

Acrylic paint

A Blue Day

Talya K.