Skill Building

Animation | Digital Media | Graphic Design | Multi-Arts | Music | Poetry/Spoken-Word| Self Care


Explore new art skills or develop those you have!  

Our virtual Skill-Building workshops connect you with a group of teens from around NYC and professional teaching artists while you try new skills or develop those you have in 5 consecutive sessions.  

Build creative skillsets for your projects, and expand your resume for next steps in your creative career. 

  • All workshops are live, on Zoom, meeting in 5 sessions after school, 4:30-6pm 
  • No special equipment needed.  
  • Accessible for all mobile and desktop devices. 

Here’s what to expect: 

  • Explore new art skills or develop those you have 
  • Work in a small group of teens with a professional artist 
  • 5 – FREE, fun sessions 
  • Meet on Zoom 4:30-6PM 

Check out some of your options coming this fall: Coding Visuals with P5-Javascript, Self Care Visual Arts, Graffiti, Spoken Word / Visual Poetry.