Teen Advisory Council (TAC)

I first joined the Teen Advisory Council in October of 2015, and I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought I could enjoy something. Over the course of my year in TAC, I got to know the arts community of New York City, made great friends, and learned just what teens are capable of (spoiler: we’re capable of a lot). I was given opportunities to go to art shows and performances around the city, to network with arts professionals, and plan arts events for other teens, all while surrounded by a group of other young artists and innovators. Although it can sometimes be a lot of hard work, TAC has given me a huge sense of community, accomplishment, and excitement, and it’s often been a much-needed break from stress at school and home. TAC is an amazing program if you are interested in the arts and want to create platforms for teens to share their voices, and I am so excited to be part of it again this year.-TAC alum

Teen Advisory Council

Allison Whorton, Program Manager

Hello! We are the Teen Advisory Council, a.k.a. TAC!

We are a diverse group of teens who have previously participated in ArtsConnection Teen Programs: TRaC, Student Art Program, PaaM etc…

Our mission is to put teens at the center of all of ArtsConnection’s teen programming. As TAC members we help:

  • Represent ArtsConnection teens at events
  • Brainstorm new teen programming
  • Participate in community outreach
  • Plan and run engaging events and initiatives for other teens
  • Contribute to ArtsConnection’s blog, The JAR
  • Attend fun arts events on behalf of ArtsConnection
  • Meet & collaborate with like-minded teens and much more!