There is no doubt that the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is a spectacular and talented group of performers, but it was only until a June night in Lincoln Center that I was able to witness the clear passion of all the dancers on stage. Besides the beauty of the venue, it was amazing to watch the strength, flexibility, and agility of the performers. Each dance number was accompanied with beautiful lighting and incredible music that evoked the feeling and mood of the dance. Synchronized and beautiful, each performer blended together eloquently to paint a picture and tell a story to the engaged audience. The partnered duets were some of my favorite performances: their attitudes of each movement were evident even in the points of their toes. Their strokes were deliberate yet gentle like fluidity in motion. In many numbers they portrayed humor, toil, happiness, and pain. There is a variety of dances that are sure to please any palette.

Another part of the show that I admired was the use of props. Besides the extreme uses of their bodies, the use of umbrellas, ribbons, and canes were just small elements to a huge story. I recommend the show to everyone. The performers’ exquisite technique is especially something that any aspiring dancer can appreciate. It was also fascinating to see the diversity of the dance world in every single number. The typical professional ballet dancer is not a stereotype that is fulfilled when enjoying an Alvin Ailey production.  Dancers from every race were represented and it was enjoyable to watch. To conclude, this will definitely not be the last Ailey production I attend.