Being a social activist is not easy job as you have to fight every single day as if it is your
last day to live. I, Bethany, am a social activist, who has been fighting for rights for black
people for years. I have gone to different places in the US to help those who don’t feel
belonged to their community and make them aware of the issue that exists between black
and white people. I am 30 years old and have been living in Birmingham, Alabama for pretty
much my entire life. Much of my loved one live within Alabama supporting me in whatever I
do. While the rest live in other states within the US. The people of Birmingham are
extremely friendly and kind-hearted making you feel connected and creating a sense of a
community. The fall of the colorful leaves and the ray of the sunshine light up my
neighborhood like a masterpiece all together. Yet, I have seen too much discrimination
among black and whites for too long and I believe that it is time that we come together to
fight this battle. One day as I was walking home I saw a black and white man fighting one
another and saying things that were unimaginable. I kept on walking however, as I was
walking a thought came up in my head. Rather than walking by and ignoring what was
happening I should be proactive and do something to stop this horrible fight that was
going on. After contemplating, I went over to the two men and tried what I could do to
stop the fight. I had to scream and yell to make my voice heard
“Excuse me, EXCUSE ME, what is going on?”
Black guy; “ This man right here is refusing to give my wallet back which he stole. I
asked him for it and he started saying nasty stuff to me”
White guy: “ I did not steal his wallet. He is lying. He is started to threaten me””
 As this point I did not know who to believe but I asked the white guy for the black man
wallet and after much resisting and screaming he finally returned his wallet to the white
This is just one instance but I have gone on to fight for black women as well. Making sure
that they are given the proper education they deserve and are able to express their
thoughts just like any other person. I have gone on protests to make people’s voice heard
and advocate on their behalf to stand up for what they believe in. I have tried to spread
this message across to inspire others who are trying to fight for a similar cause. I not
only fight for civil rights but also feminism, african-american culture, and so on. I believe
that women should be strong-minded and confident who they are in. They should be able to
exercise certain rights just like white women and men. They should become a part of
society without feeling marginalized. When I walk the streets and I see young little girls I
imagine them to become strong and intelligent young ladies that can change the world. I
hope that others believe in what I believe and I will still fight till my goal isn’t achieved.