I, Malvolio is a phenomenal play about a man named Malvolio played by Tim Crouch, the writer and actor of the show, who is an outstanding performer. Presented by New Victory Theater, it is playing at The Duke on 42nd Street from January 9 to January 20, 2013.

Malvolio is locked up in prison and goes crazy. The love of his life, Olivia, falls in love with the Duke. He is heart-broken. Malvolio is furious that he is not loved. He is not accepted for who he is.

I, Malvolio was one of my favorite plays. It felt like Malvolio was talking directly to you throughout the whole performance. For example, every once in a while he would order members of the audience to, “Sit up straight.” It felt like he was yelling at me. Tim Crouch did a remarkable job playing the role of Malvolio. He showed the audience what it is like to be in Malvolio’s shoes. The costumes, which Malvolio had two of, were terrific. His main costume was a chicken costume. I found that to be hilarious.

This performance taught me that everyone is crazy in his or her own way. Tim Crouch showed us that sometimes it is okay to laugh at the craziness. I recommend this play if you want a laugh with drama.