Alvin Ailey. Photo Credit: John Lindquist.

What is dance without any feeling?  The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater shares not only masterful technique, they share bursting emotions at City Center. Night Creature, choreographed by Alvin Ailey, is a sizzling jazz dance. The dancers reveal the realm of the night with their sharp jazz moves and slow-stepping formations. The experience is breath taking.

Takademe, choreographed by Robert Battle, shows a peculiar woman in red, dancing to the beat of Sheila Chandra voice and breath sounds, a very intrigue piece to observe with all of the different moves shown by the woman. Rennie HarrisHome starts with a group of young people huddled together. As hip-hop music starts to play the group disintegrates into small fighting teams showing off their flashing street grooves. They send messages of hope and a new revolution to those who admire the style.

The favorite and well know last dance begins, Revelations by Alvin Ailey.  The whole masterpiece is broken into several parts. A section in Revelations begins slowly with a woman holding an umbrella running around, and then some dancers following her. It is a very strong yet puzzled entry because the audience does not know what to expect. There is also a section where man and woman ballet-like moves resonate with the peaceful feelings of the music. They give a calm and safe feeling to the people.

The whole finale is very pleasant because it gives the spectators a little glance of the rich spiritual connection to church that African American had back in the days.  The masterpiece also includes old favorite songs that make everyone dance and remember their precious moments. The very last moments are exceptional because all the dancers dance in unison with their partners to the lovely jazz melodies.