Editor’s Note: Women’s Project Theater made it possible for ArtsConnection teens to see their one of their latest productions, ‘Bright Half Life’. We’re bringing you two teen perspectives of the play, one from a teen actor and another from a teen designer.

*This review was originally posted by Thomas Pflanz on his blog, The Teenage Critic, on March 17th, 2015.

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Today, I’ll be reviewing ‘Bright Half Life’, by Women’s Project Theater, a play that I saw as a part of the TRaC, or the Teen Reviewers and Critics, Program, run by Arts Connection. It’s a great program, and they do it for completely free! Check them out here. Anyway, into the review!

Bright Half Life_sitting

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WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

The story follows two women, as we see out of order snapshots of their life. For the first third of the play, I was extremely confused. Then, as we got further in, things started to come together. Scenes that seemed random before, became clarified and beautiful.

The actors, Rebecca Henderson and Rachael Holmes, are phenomenal. As an actor myself, I know that it is enormously difficult to switch between two emotions in under a second. Yet, somehow, these two actresses make it seem effortless. The emotions were so raw and powerful, and they were played amazingly.

The play talks about love, loss of love, children, acceptance, and care. The messages are beautiful, the acting is beautiful, and the entire thing is absolutely magnificent. To buy tickets, check out the website here. I highly recommend going to see it. I don’t know how long it’ll play, so see it before they leave!

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