The following are haikus composed by the members of Dance TRaC in response to Emily Johnson’s performance, SHORE.

We stand in the park

As people move together

255818_300x300What is our purpose


Silently walking

Inside the mind, bumps and jumps

A colorful spin


And next to nowhere

A tree grows, yellow and red

Tall and still and fast


A stomp falls quickly

A jump follows, sharp and smooth

Breathe and catch your breath


Moving to a stage

Watching people carefully

Are these animals?02_EmilyJohnson_SHORE_PhotobyIanDouglas


Passion and power

Voices go, melodic trends

Push and pull and journey


Self induced rhythms

Feet smearing sound on the floor

A story is told


The natural world

A thing of heart and new light

It hopes to live on