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FILM @ Downtown Urban Arts Festival (DUAF) showcases the best in new short film from new and emerging independent filmmakers from United States and around the world.

Short films make up a unique medium, one that lends itself neatly to subtler scenes and visual experimentation. They also, not-so-coincidentally, carve out a space for voices often quelled in the world of big-budget blockbusters It provides the movie-loving public with access to bold, daring and innovative cinema. (Huffington Post)

Our mission is to promote and stimulate creation and innovation in the film industry and provide support, opportunities for new voices that otherwise might not have been heard. FILM believes that independent films broaden the palette of cinema, seeding the global culture with new ideas, kindling awareness and fostering activism.

A young writer meets a mysterious woman with a deep secret that will change his life forever.
Directed by Kleber Macedo
CAST: Bernardo Felinto, Carolina Monte Rosa

A death row prison chef reflects on his life and perfects an old recipe.
Directed by Anthony Almonte
CAST: Curtiss Cook, Robbie Tann, Paul Bomba

Andy, a 20 years old thoughtful guy, comes back to his hometown after the death of his father, Abraham, a famous chameleon expert. When he arrives he discovers that his dad left his laboratory full of chameleons to him. Since Abraham constantly neglected Andy to look after his green creatures, the young guy has subconsciously adopted Chameleon features.
Directed by Alessio Marzilli
CAST: Sinclair Branbsy Williams, Elòise Thomas, Daniel Brindley, Sonja Quita Doubleday, Samuel Woodhams, Paul Blezard-Gymer, Casey, Alessandra Celani, Mauro Delli Bovi, Joe Olmstead

An 11 year old girl learns to fend for herself while her undocumented mother spirals in fear of being deported.
Directed by Paola Ossa
CAST: Sophie Tobias, Idalia Limón, Taylor Henkin, Samantha Wendorf, Alessandra Baldacchino

**Please Note: Recommended for ages 16+**

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  • May 18, 2019
    7:00 pm

Event Location


375 Greenwich Street, New York, New York, 10013, United States