Expiredthe ephemera trilogy

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Arts Partner: The Tank NYC

a714e0e8d49cc1ecf612f15e71b5bbe4Paper and sand, light and shadow, memory and identity, the familiar and the strange; woven together these are the elements that compose Kimi Maeda’s ephemera trilogy. Developed over a period of six years, ephemera’s three short solo performances use a range of innovative storytelling techniques and stunning visuals to explore the artist’s bi-cultural identity and family history, from a Japanese American internment camp during World War II, to postwar Japan, to suburban New England.

Created and performed by Kimi Maeda
With music by Bill Carson and Kishi Bashi

Kimi Maeda is a theatre artist based in Columbia, SC whose intimate visual performances cross disciplines and push boundaries. Her ephemera trilogy is a collection of sand drawing and shadow performances that deal with memory, home, and trans-cultural identity.

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Event Location


64 East 4th Street, New York, New York, 10003, United States

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