For our TRaC Rewind 2018, we’re looking back at some of the most interesting and thought-provoking reviews by our Teen Reviewers and Critics!

Throughout the Fall Semester, Theatre TRaC viewed and reviewed an array of experiences both experimental and commercial. Two of these pieces, King Kong at the Broadway Theatre and Fireflies at the Atlantic Theatre Company, are reviewed by Carline Boston, one of Tiffany’s TRaCstars. 

The writer behind King Kong, Jack Thorne, tries to show that whether or not it is a person or animal, Kong deserves to be treated with respect. Thorne does this by showing how the main character Ann Darrow fails to treat King Kong with respect because she was so desperate to become famous. Soon she realizes how poorly she is treating King Kong and realizes that Kong is a living thing with feelings–her own desire is not more important than that. She begins to treat Kong how she would like to be treated. This is worth doing because it teaches the audience a valuable lesson on how to treat living things.


The writer for Fireflies, Donja R. Love, is trying to teach the audience that things may not be how they appear on the outside. He does this by showing how in the beginning of a relationship, it may seem perfect,–the two main characters Olivia and Charles seem to be happy and in love. As the play progresses we see issues that were once sugar coated, such as sexuality and loyalty, come to light and the audience witnesses a once perfect relationship crumble.This teaches the audience how sugar coated relationships can be and about the struggle between trying to accept yourself and loving somebody else.



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