The work of Jason Head, part of Fluid: Construct

When you enter the lobby of a typical office building there are a few things you expect to see: a security guard, a front desk, and office workers busily rushing from one meeting to the next. However, in the case of One Liberty Plaza, an art exhibit is what you’d find. After entering the building and passing a rather grim-looking security guard, you come to four pieces of art relating to water and the role it plays in New York City. Thanks to the River to River Festival this art is out to be seen by all.

The four pieces, each visually engaging in 360 degrees, are constructed of everything from foam and plastic to guitar strings and glitter.  The artists, David Baskin, Jason Head, Wyatt Nash, and Emily Sartor, all used New York’s very complicated relationship with water as an inspiration for their artworks.  The pieces show everything from the complex water pipe systems to the chaos and confusion the massive amounts of water from Hurricane Sandy caused. Although the pieces are displayed in a place not necessarily made for showcasing art, I do believe that it adds to the beauty of them, putting them into a place accessible to everyone and able to be appreciated by anyone passing by.

Overall this exhibit of sorts has four great works of art that are very worth going to see.  Even though the surroundings are a bit peculiar, the art can still be appreciated just as much, if not more.