Last week, the New Victory Theater invited a select number of High 5 Freelancers to a special press performance of Tim Crouch’s I, Malvolio at The Duke on 42nd Street. Equipped with special press packets and their High 5 Freelancers kit, these reviewers checked out this cool new take on a Shakespearean classic and immediately reported back! Here’s what they had to say:

“While sitting in the audience you almost felt that he was always watching you and would pick you to come to the stage to help him in some sort of act.”

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“Tim Crouch did a remarkable job playing the role of Malvolio. He showed the audience what it is like to be in Malvolio’s shoes.”

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“As adept in its moments of comedy as in its moments of contemplativeness and philosophical discourse, I, Malvolio is unrestricted by the requirements of any particular age group.”

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I, Malvolio, presented by New Victory Theater at The Duke on 42nd Street runs January 9-20, 2013.