As you enter Pier 84 you’ll see the Intrepid boat in the right and other boats in the left. There was also a nice display of water coming out from the ground and into the air. Its not over yet, in front of you there is an extraordinary view; it includes both the ocean and the city. 



What to expect as you enter…

-> Security waiting for you at the front. They expect to see you have no food or drinks. IF YOU HAVE A BAG, THEY WILL CHECK IT! The security guards weren't really that vigilant. I had to admit I sneaked in a plate of halal food.
 So for security I'd give them 5/10, since they didn't catch my me nor my other friends sneaking in their food.
-> While you enter you would get a free pack that includes shampoo, conditioner, and a face washer. I took a bunch. There were a lot of people, from young children to teenagers to adults. If you want to stand in front of the stage, you could or if you want to sit on the grass that is possible as well. The grass is clean and cold, I had white pants and no stain were on it.
For the cleanliness, the view, the beauty of the pier, and the free stuff, I'd give it 9/10.

The Experience .
+The music was just so uplifting. Every feeling or emotion you have with the weather and the comfort of the area goes with the music. The music was slow and smooth, your ears would be pleased with the sound of the singers voice and your heart would be touched. Its like they knew how to grab your attention.

->It took a while for the first performance to occur. At first you just heard previously recorded music. Then when Mutual Benefit performed, it was like no other. It was a style I haven't heard before, but liked as soon as I heard it. At first you'd think that they are just going to sing songs, but the singer makes the audience laugh as well. Most of the audience couldn't take him seriously, it was hilarious. The way he said things in a sarcastic manner grabbed my attention even more. The lights also followed along with the music. If they clapped like this CLAP-CLAP-CLAP,  on each clap the light would turn on and then off until the next clap. An instrument that was very transparent in their music was the violin. The fog behind them also added the dreamy feeling to their music. It was a great performance.
For such a great performance and yet adding a little humor to avoid losing the audience's attention I'd give them a solid 10/10.IMG_3502
 -> The second performance were Wild Beasts and they were just as great. It took them a while to get on stage, but when they did it was spectacular. Their songs were different from Mutual Benefit in a way that they were more danceable. I felt like standing up and dancing to the music. They were like pop music, but way better (in my opinion). While the band performed the view of the city just got better (since it was nighttime), all the building lights were on and so were the boats that surrounded the area. On stage the lights were mostly blue to capture the night scene that was being portrayed. The drums were more transparent in their music. The singer sang in a way singers used to sing back then. His songs would also build up from the beginning, you could feel a rise into his music. It was more louder and you could feel the vibration in your body.
 Another great performance with a different style which made me want to dance and it fit the tone of the beautiful night, I'd give them a solid 10/10.



Recommended if…

You want to bring your family into a free event.

Have no money, but want to have fun!

Want to have a romantic date.

Hang out with friends.

Have patience.

Spend time listening to music, you might’ve never heard before.

Have fun in the city and enjoy a wonderful view of the city.