This November, a few freelancers and TRaC participants took advantage of a special opportunity to see Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel’s A Civil War Christmas, directed by Tina Landau at New York Theatre Workshop. Check out their reviews of the play right here!

“The actors have an amazing ability to give us the goose bumps quickly with powerful singing and stories of the characters’ struggles. Sometimes the music (much of which comes from the time period) and down-to-earth narrative style makes us feel warm; and sometimes the characters’ sadness makes us shiver.” -Harry Katz

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“Paula Vogel uses constant motion in the play to create a real life effect. The characters are always on stage to remind you of the other lives that are being affected.” -Angelina Sommer

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“To write, direct, and perform a play on the Civil War, to weave everything together into a Christmas theme, and to condense history into two hours without taking away any important, historical information is incredibly difficult to achieve, but A Civil War Christmas proves to us that nothing is impossible.” -Grace Wong

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“It’s almost Christmas time, New York City. I suggest you and a friend go see Paula Vogel’s A Civil War Christmas.”

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