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After you have seen a High 5 Tickets to the Arts show, we always send out a post-performance survey asking for the much appreciated feedback about your arts-going experience. If you have ever been a High 5-er, you might have seen, and answered, the questions above. (You may have also received some free tickets for responding!). Those of you who haven’t seen these questions might not have taken advantage of the arts- and teen-centered opportunity known as … HIGH 5 TICKETS TO THE ARTS. Using High 5 is an opportunity that many students and families have taken advantage of, and it is our goal to provide accessible arts experiences to as many young people as possible… welcome to High 5 Tickets to the Arts!

Who Are We?

“…benevolent, philanthropist, and altruistic,” (Jacqueline J.).

“…inspiring, thought-provoking, and healthy,” (Catherine M.).

“…expanding, memorable, [and] shared,” (Lauren M.).

The goal of ArtsConnection is to foster arts in education, and as part of the High 5 program, we uphold this goal by providing $5 tickets for teens to experience the arts and culture in New York City. High 5 is a teen program that connects middle school and high school students and their families to the arts world. We try to be that ongoing resource that you can utilize to experience the arts/culture in all forms – visual arts, dance, theater, and music. Many people have expressed to us that High 5 is helping the growth of students’ characters and family relations, and creating unforgettable memories.

Some have been reassured, through their experience, that they can pursue a career in the arts; others have discovered that they really appreciate experiencing the arts as audience members. This is why we do what we do. We aim to be the connection between youth and the amazing artistic environment that New York City has to offer. This is the city of artistic opportunity and High 5 can be the key to some of those doors.

How Are Others Experiencing High 5?

Jacqueline James, a group leader working with many students shared this with us, “One of my favorite High 5 experiences was when we took a group of 40 middle school girls to see Emotional Creatures. For many of them, this was their first experience with the Arts. The kids were able to identify with the characters. When it ended, our girls had an opportunity to speak with, and take pictures with the cast. The experience made me feel excited because after that, the girls began to picture themselves beyond the ghetto.”

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Lauren McGrail, a parent of a middle school daughter shares, “This summer, I saw tickets on sale through Arts Connection for Bon Journey, a Bon Jovi/Journey tribute band.  Four families ended up purchasing tickets to this show together, and the parents took great pleasure in seeing our tween children rocking out and dancing their hearts out to the music of our youth,” and, “…my daughter and her father had a special night out at Sylvia, where they laughed together, discussed the acting and the plot, and came home and told my younger daughter and me the highlights of the show.”

Sabrina Wallington, a group leader of a faith organization, has shared that, through High 5 experiences, the youth, “…have more confidence in themselves,” and that, “They believe that if they put their mind to it, they can do anything.” She even shares that, “I have girls that want to become actresses now and girls that want to dance. An entire group that just wants to go on trips to the theatre and all of this is thanks to [High 5].”

Take the Chance, It’s there for You!

As a theater artist myself, I see the benefit of an opportunity like High 5. I find it relaxing to go to a performance and I have noticed that in my own experience, I have strengthened my relationships through each outing, as they allow me to spend quality time with the individual with whom I share the arts experience. Those who have given us feedback share similar responses; often, attending the arts is too costly, and I agree. With diverse options from Broadway to smaller productions in all genres, High 5 makes the arts affordable. Five dollar tickets to the arts are hard to come by, so why not seize the opportunity? The responses we receive assure us that students and their families feel the same and that we are getting the job done in our efforts to make the arts accessible to everyone!

So take a chance, see a show, and invite a friend. You have the opportunity to gain so much for such a low cost. We are here for you, to provide you with arts-going opportunity and the chance to make memories. Carpe Diem and carpe High 5 Tickets to the Arts!!

Please share the top three biggest takeaways from your experience using High 5 Tickets to the Arts.

“Using High 5 tickets enables me to expose my young people to more events, than if I didn’t have access through Arts Connection’s program.” –Jacqueline J.

“…Experience, our mission statement… is to change a person’s perception through exposure & experience. High Five mirrors our philosophy.” -Sabrina W.

“We’re lucky to live in NYC … but have to take advantage of all it offers — and High 5 has been making that easier.” –Catherine M.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!