The hit Broadway show “King Kong” has a ubiquitous plot: Ann Darrow (Christiani Pitts) is a struggling actress who gets offered to film a movie by Carl Denhan (Eric William Morris), who travels to Skull Island, which is inhabited by the one and only King Kong.

It has comedic qualities, which some musicals don’t possess. The set design is phenomenal–the way it transfers to the street, to the dock, and then on the boat where its sailing–it gives you a sense that you’re there. And then there’s King Kong–his nostrils flare and his eyes get watery–you feel sympathetic towards the creature, and you remember why you bought the ticket.

Although, there are some issues with his Broadway debut. The plot is all over the place, and there are some scenes where you think, “how is this relevant and how does this have anything to do with the story?” If you’re going to produce a Broadway show, or any source of entertainment, you have to include the parts that will have an impact on the story later on and make the audience empathize with the characters.

There was a character that was completely irrelevant named Lumpy (Erik Lochtefeld), who showed up once in a while to give Ann coffee or water. But he is one of the main characters? It gives me the impression that the writers and producers wanted to add a character to give more depth to the musical, but I don’t understand why they didn’t include Ann’s romantic interest that she has in the 2003 movie. I guess they didn’t include the romantic interest because they wanted the main attraction to be King Kong. But, that definitely could’ve spiced things up other than having a character that shows up about three times and mentions that his deceased daughter used to call him ‘Lumpy’.

Also, King Kong isn’t even an actor, he’s just a puppet and doesn’t have any qualities other than being a sight to look at. There were a few parts that made me laugh even though it shouldn’t of; they played trashy techno music when King Kong was running through the forest/city or climbing. It was completely bizarre. Here you have this exceptional musical production that has all of the classic Broadway elements, yet the show also plays wannabe Skrillex whenever King Kong bolts. In addition, this doesn’t have anything to do with the acting or the story, but there was this specific dancer that really distracted me because she was too in sync and over dramatized her moves. Speaking of distraction, the men that control King Kong were distracting and I would tend to look at them more than the actual actors.

Overall, if you want to laugh, sleep, or get the $10 dollar water that they have, this is the perfect show for you.