Young Linda performs a dance sequence. Image from The New Yorker.

This Great Country, a play presented by 600 HIGHWAYMEN,  is based on Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama Death of a Salesman. It is a devastating, yet loving & humorous performance that took place in Pier 17 at South Street Seaport.

Spots were limited in seating because of the small space available. However, this made the actors’ space & scenes more flexible to move around adding to the mood of the play.

The play was about a man named Willy who was overly attached to not only his job as a salesman but also his faith in his sons to succeed in business the same way he had. His son Biff, unsure of what he wanted for his future and also lazy could not make ends meet with his father. With multiple flashbacks of the past and growing economic problems Willy goes mad.

The event had friendly greeters at the entrance, thanks to the folks at the River to River Festival, and comfortable air conditioning, although it did get a bit cold after. The music was soothing and added more effects and mood to the scenes. Although there weren’t many actors or props and the audience wasn’t too large, it was an enjoyable show to watch. The shifts in scenes made it an interesting experience due to dancing and music. Though the festival is over, I would recommend this production to anyone looking for a good play to see that’s way off Broadway!