In three minutes it will be two hours that I have been sitting awake before the crack of dawn, with unused ink by my side, itching for an idea to spark. I have been sitting here, in this chair, at this time for the past five nights. I fear that inspiration will never strike again. As I sit hear restless in the dark I’m thinking about how my wife pulled the kids away when we passed by. I didn’t notice until now how today was the first time we’ve past them as a family… only two dirt roads away and we know nothing about each other… There was that incident that happened last summer when they came to our market to get food during the drought. Mr. Garrett, the markets manager, ripped them off on everything they bought… I know most of them don’t go to school and we only have one school in the town so the kids have no relations with them. Although I wonder how different can they really be from us? We both have families and our own responsibilities. We experience similar difficulties of life… It’s kind of funny living in the same place as someone and never once talking to them. I guess we are so preoccupied with other worries: food, money, figuring out what to write about. There’s not really much time to think and worry and form opinions about others, unless of course you force yourself awake at godforsaken hours… I’m not sure if I have an opinion and I definitely have no interest in sharing any thoughts I may have. I’m too ignorant to have a valid opinion, and everyone else is just as ignorant as I am, although ignorance doesn’t stop people in this town from making their voice loud and clear. How can we form opinions about people we don’t even know, who we haven’t even talked to? Sounds awfully unfair to me… I think I have an idea.