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We’re highlighting some of our most interesting events, reviews, and projects from last fall’s Teen Reviewers and Critics Program. Check out one of Media TRaC’s projects from December 2013. And don’t forget, applications for the Spring 2014 semester of TRaC are due FEBRUARY 16. Apply online HERE and check out our website for more details.


This past fall, our first ever Media TRaC, in partnership with Sony Wonder Technology Lab, spent the semester experiencing and experimenting with multimedia and digital art. Somewhere along the way, they realized they had a few important questions to ask. Using Zeega, a new interactive web platform that enables users to combine media from the “cloud,” members of Media TRaC collected their thoughts on art, artists, and audiences in a cool and exciting visual way.

Check out Media TRaC’s original Zeega online. Feel free to click the arrow to the right to keep moving forward and the arrow on the left to revisit a past segment.

Here are some of the questions they’re asking:

• What is the purpose of art? Or why art?

• What is the purpose of art criticism?

• Are you a downloader or an uploader?

• Are you a maker, a taker, or a remixer?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. And think about joining us for the Spring 2014 semester of the Teen Reviewers and Critics Program!