egdonkey copy

Donkey bearing rock jelly 2014


As the human population continues to grow exponentially, our fear of a tragic end for mankind increases. Elizabeth Glaessner exposes the beauty of this post-apocalyptic panic through loose , vivid paintings. Her combined use of thick acrylic paint and watery oils creates a juxtaposed collection of landscapes and eerie portraits. The alluring images of distorted animals and humans sporting chaotic dispositions creates the feeling of a grotesque fantasy. However fantastical her artwork appears to be, it depicts quite realistically the feeling of confusion and horror post apocalypse.

One particularly striking piece is titled “Donkey Face.” This painting depicts a crazed mutated donkey. The donkey seems to be mid cry with its mouth disjointed and its eyes bulging out showing the animal’s panic. Glaessner spoke of her fascination with donkeys in an interview saying, “I grew up in Houston and horses are such a Texas thing but I didn’t’ connect with them at all. I just loved donkeys.” Her unconventional love for donkeys illustrates her eccentric personality and style.

Glaessner’s exhibition at the PPOW Gallery, All this happened, more or less,  in Chelsea explores the toxic, yet natural re-birth of life after an abundance of death. The unique subject matter and her powerful interpretation of the apocalypse makes this show a must see. This exceptional show closes on August 15.

Though the exhibition is closed, you can view some of her work on her website. Image from