Last night I had the privilege and pleasure to see Parsons Dance perform at the Joyce Theater. Parsons Dance is renowned for presenting the latest and greatest of modern movement, music and artistry. And believe me when I say they live up to the hype!

The dancers are talented and visibly passionate, but they’re only one part of the show. The music is varied and the lighting outstanding. Both elements work to create a mood that enriches the experience of the performance. I’ve heard terrific things about David Parsons’ choreography, but nothing prepared me for how enraptured I would be when the performance opened with Closure. By the time Closure ended, I realized that I hadn’t yet torn my eyes away from the stage to take notes—or even blinked!

Sleep Study, another piece in the program, was just as enthralling from the moment the dancers came out in pajamas and started to toss and turn their way around the stage. It was not only entertaining, but also fascinating. Parsons Dance will challenge your expectations as it uses recognizable movements to leave strong, beautiful impressions.

Caught, Parsons’ signature piece, impressed me the most. Dancer Miguel Quinones put on a performance that was unlike any I’ve seen before. A strobe lighting concept, imagined by David Parsons and designed by Howell Binkley, made it look as though he was flying. It must have taken an amazing amount of speed and strength for Quinones to move so that every time the light flashed, he was in a different place on the stage—or in the air.

In The End was a conclusion especially exciting for Dave Matthews fans, as dancers moved to a medley of his songs. It was a wonderful, highly energetic last number, especially impressive in that the dancers had already been on stage for so long. Parsons Dance shows audience members the full potential of both physical and artistic movement. It is inspiring, exciting—and it’s available to you through High 5!