Every summer, the Out of Doors festival offers a series of free concert events that showcase all kinds of music and dance at Lincoln Center. Red Hot + FELA LIVE! is one of the amazing performances featured in this year’s festival.  The concert was an uplifting musical tribute and energy filled experience.

FELA LIVE! is a small group of different Afrobeat musicians who perform in tribute to Fela Kuti.  Their performance was really lively and very audience engaging.  The musicians had high and uplifting positive energy that almost everyone was able to experience and feel.  There was a point during their performance when the audience began to get up out of their seats and run towards the stage to dance and enjoy Fela! a bit closer.  The musicians even did a tribute to the late Trayvon Martin, courtesy of Dead Prez’s M1.

Overall, Red Hot + FELA LIVE! was an amazing concert at the Lincoln Center: Out of Doors festival.  The Afrobeat musicians are great and energetic performers.  I recommend that everyone should go see a performance at the Lincoln Center: Out of Doors festival while you still can and check out Fela!.