By Crystal Montanez

Bad Kid

Written and performed by David Crabb, Bad Kid is a show that will make you smile and laugh out loud. The performance took place in the somewhat small Axis Theater in Greenwich Village. Bad Kid was a simple production – a one man show featuring a black wooden bench, a worn out chair, a projector, and some lighting effects.

Before the show, Crabb came out and let some audience members speak out about some of the fashion decisions they regret from their teenage years. Connecting with the audience in a small theater gave the show a very personal start, while not making anyone feel pressured to speak.

Throughout the show, Crabb reflected on his teenage years. He was able to take us through a portion of his teen experience, and the obstacles he encountered. In San Antonia, Texas, Crabb was mostly perceived as strange for being gay and also for going Goth.

Crabb successfully evoked a multitude of characters. He did this by using different accents, facial expressions, posture, and body movement.

During his show, he discusses the struggle of finding yourself. We see in the show how he dealt with people (mainly his parents) who didn’t understand his ways, and being surrounded with many friends who shared the same feelings and experiences. Crabb jokes around as he reflects on the moments and decisions that seemed totally fine at the time, but now seem like the experimental ways of a typical teenager: being experimental with your look, trying new things (sometimes, even illegal activities), and finding out who you truly are. All of these outrageous moments from David Crabb’s teenage years have contributed to who he is today. The performance shows how these moments in our lives effect who we become. Every moment is significant in its own way. Those are the moments you’ll be able to look back at, smile at, cherish, and most importantly, laugh at it.

Adults can relate to Crabb’s feelings during the show when reflecting on their teenage years, and teenagers know all about those experimental moments since they’re currently in that point of their lives. Overall, it’s a great show that will leave you smiling.