Artwork by: Piotr L

Artwork by: Piotr L

Broadway Housing Communities Sugar Hill Development
St. Nicholas Avenue & 155th Street
9th Floor

Exhibition hours: New times!
June 26 – August 10, 2014
Thursday – Friday 3-7pm
Saturday – Sunday 1-6pm
Wednesday by appointment
Closed July 4-6 for holiday weekend

For the second year in a row, ArtsConnection and No Longer Empty join forces to create Teens Curate Teens, a student curatorial and exhibition program. Led by NLE staff and museum professionals, Teens Curate Teens’ exhibition, Rose from the Concrete, is a culmination of a semester-long program that included a 12-week curatorial workshop, as well as a call for art submissions from public high schools throughout NYC, with a special focus on schools in Harlem.
Rose from the Concrete explores themes of identity, architecture, and community, an approach complementing NLE’s concurrent exhibition, If You Build It, which looks to navigate the connections between art, architecture, community, and activism.
We are proud to congratulate the 65 young artists and seven student curators who came together to produce the show, consisting of 18 individual works and 5 group works.

Teens Curate Teens is made possible by the generous support of the Pinkerton Foundation.

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Exhibited Works

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