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Hello and welcome to the first edition of TAC Hacks – where ArtsConnection’s Teen Advisory Council (TAC) will be sharing tips, tricks, and more about the arts and culture in NYC!

First off, TAC Member Ewa Nowogorski shares the best way to get $5 tickets to arts events in the city!


If you’re a teenager in NY and would like to visit a museum or show, but just don’t have the money, then continue reading because you can get tickets to the events you want for just five dollars! The process is really simple, too!

1. Visit

Once you’re there, you will see a listing of all the shows where tickets and passes are available. You have the option of browsing through these events in either grid, list, or calendar view. Inside tip: The calendar of events is updated basically every day, so it’s always good to keep checking the website so you don’t miss something awesome!

2. Click on an event that interests you!

You can read about the event, find out its location, and much more. Also, the same event may have tickets for different dates, so be sure to select the date that is convenient for you.        

3. Scroll down on the page until you see the bar and option to purchase tickets.

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The date the ticket is valid on will be displayed on the left, and you can select the quantity of tickets you desire. Note that tickets are non-refundable and ticket prices are final and non-negotiable. Also, adults can go too, but there must be at least one teen in attendance for every adult.

4. Buy the ticket(s)!

You will have 4 minutes to complete a quick personal survey before you are directed to a page where you select a payment option and purchase the ticket. After you select payment and the order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email. You should print that out and bring it with you on the day of the show!

5. Go to the event!

Whether you choose to visit the Guggenheim Museum, a theater event, a dance show, or anything else…enjoy the sights and tell your friends about it!