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Spring Theatre/Dance TRaC Playbill
September 4, 2019

Spring Theatre/Dance TRaC had the opportunity to attend plays and dance performances at some of the coolest venues in NYC. Read…

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Surely Goodness and Mercy: A Play That Touches The Heart
June 12, 2019

The night that I watched Surely Goodness and Mercy, I had the exciting opportunity to attend a talk-back with the playwright¬†Chisa…

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The Colorful Personalities of Painting Churches
July 12, 2012

When we look at a painting, our eyes naturally begin viewing the image from the lower left, then sweep upward and…

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The Cracks are Showing in the Church
July 11, 2012

In any work of art, the feeling of watching on performer struggle to keep up with the others leaves an audience…

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Painting Churches
May 15, 2012

The lights go down and you are in the living room of an upscale Boston home. The walls glow through the…

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