This summer, while being in the Summer TRaC Program, twelve teens and myself got the amazing opportunity to travel across multiple boroughs in order to get a first-hand view of art and write about it. The icing on the cake was that all of these art events were completely free! Out of all the attended events, one that stood out was the trip to Socrates Sculpture Park. At Socrates Sculpture Park there was a very unique display of artwork. Below you can find a few snapshots of the works of art experienced at Socrates Sculpture Park.



Queen Mother of Reality by Pawel Althamer. This display was inspired by Dr. Delois Blakely, a U.S. Ambassador of Goodwill to Africa. Dr. Delois Blakely is often referred to as “Queen Mother” due to her being the Community Mayor of Harlem since 1995.


IMG_8098 20140709_170829

Folly: SuralArk by Austin + Mergold. Submitted as a proposal for Folly 2014, this exhibit goes above and beyond to combine architecture and design.