Upon stepping out of the bus, I saw a bunch of teens walking in the same direction. In an instant, I knew they were all heading to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for Teens Take The Met since I was one of them as well. This was my first Teens Take The Met event and I was excited to be a part of it. As I approached the site, I could hear the excitement and enthusiasm in the teens as they went in.

Blasted by loud chatter, I struggled to find my way to the ArtsConnection table. After asking the people around me, who were very polite and respectful despite the chaotic environment, I found my way. There, I encountered my fellow Teen Advisory Council (TAC) member, Alen, a previous TAC member, Shirley, and Allisona and Briana, ArtsConnection staff members. Immediately, I situated myself to assist them. At the ArtsConnection booth, there was a colorful wheel and with each color, there were questions related to the many programs ArtsConnection offer. Teens spun the wheel and answered a question. Questions were along the lines of “Sing a line from your favorite musical” or “What is your favorite movie?” These questions were specifically created to align with the programs available for teens at ArtsConnection. After answering the question, it was a chance for me to explain to them programs that they could join such as Pizza and a Movie Night, which is hosted on the first Friday of every month. Teens gather to vote on a movie with a particular theme, enjoy some free pizza, and have a discussion afterwards. Astonished by the answers teens came up with, I then gave each participant a prize of either a hat, a tote bag, a temporary tattoo, a button, or a free voucher to High 5 tickets. The buttons, specifically, were very popular. Artworks from previous students who participated in the Student Art Program or Art2Art were transformed into buttons that people could put on their bags or their shirts. Sitting behind the table, I was able to view teens from a different perspective. It was pleasing to see artists or just students who enjoy art, like myself, to be able to explore the realms of art and to be exposed to possible opportunities. As they approached each table and did a mini-activity, they all left with a little souvenir as well as a little knowledge about the arts.

When I got a chance to explore, I maneuvered my way to each program. Teens were able to create their own tote bag, go into a music exhibit, take a polaroid, and build a model. These were just some of the many art forms I got to see. Of course, there were the snacks that everyone loved. Communication was key to the success of this event; communication between programs and students and communication between students. This event was a way for teens to come together to do art and learn about art, which I got to do at this art space. Art is not limited to just drawing, but to music, architecture, photography, etc. As a senior high school teen, this was my first and last year to partake in Teens Take The Met and I am glad I was a part of this memorable event.