Free art is hard to find, especially in a busy city like New York. Thankfully, however, The Bronx Museum is offering free admission in celebration of their 40th anniversary! Located near Yankee Stadium, the museum’s doors are currently open for anyone looking to see art, specifically contemporary art.

This museum is perfect for class trips, group visits, or just somewhere to go if you happen to be in the neighborhood. We had a special tour of the museum. Our tour guide was very friendly and nice. She went into detail about some paintings, videos, installations, photography, and sculptures there. One of the exhibitions currently on view featured art from California from the 1970’s. She explained to us that the 1970’s were a time when art really took a turn and changed. During that time period, art was very graphic and aroused very strong feelings.

We saw a lot of very interesting pieces of art. “Yellow Room” by Bruce Nauman especially caught my attention. Its name says almost everything. This piece is literally a triangular room in which the walls are white but the lights are a bright yellow fluorescent color. The light messes with your vision and affects everyone inside in different ways. Overall, the museum was quiet and the staff members were very nice. All the pieces were interesting and required thinking to interpret. If you’re looking for a calm and quiet day full of art, visit The Bronx Museum!